The community of startup location Apollo 14

This is the community of Apollo 14. All of them dedicated impact entrepreneurs. Together they form a hotspot of doing good and doing business. Join us!


Tykn exists so you can prove your identity globally, preserve your privacy and be resilient to data hacks, leaks or breaches. Because people matter.


Foreign market expansion is risky. We make it easier. uGlobally is a team of international entrepreneurs with a big ambition: dismantle the barriers of internationalization.


FYNLY is a venturebuilder. We build ventures that accelerate transitions needed to solve the complex problems our world faces.


RoundSense is a worldwide-scalable platform for the production of outstanding real estate media, powered by our proprietary tech-ecosystem.

The Impacters

The Impacters is a design driven company with a focus on supporting brands, companies and NGO’s in making their impact. We cooperate from inside and develop services to communicate the purpose and the message for our impact clients. We aim for financial profit, we fight for positive impact.


We develop and execute highly realistic and high-impact strategic discussions, crisis management and wargames, supported by unique visual tools.


GrabJobs aims to improve the recruitment process by quickly and efficiently connecting employers and job-seekers.

Atelier Jungles

By buying better, fewer things, people can contribute to solving the industries fast-fashion problems while still looking confident and sexy.

WEP Circular

We realize sustainable circular (plastics) concepts, products, and innovative chain collaborations.


Yazamtec is a company based in The Netherlands specialized in creating smart solutions for global challenges.


Wajenzi is an investment platform where businesses in Africa sell shares in their company to migrants in developed countries. Wajenzi means that anyone no matter where they live can now invest in vetted growth-stage businesses in Africa, by being able to choose companies they feel passionate about and gain part of ownership.

We Share

We are an online crowdfunding platform where anyone can choose the impact startup to support with their donation.


At VenturesOne, we fuel entrepreneurs – from early-stage venture capital to private equity. We have a diverse portfolio of ventures and an appetite for long-term value creation.

AIESEC in The Netherlands

AIESEC is the worlds’ largest youth led organisation. By offering a platform for youth to step outside of their comfort zone, AIESEC pushes young people to develop their leadership potential.

4impact VC

4impact venture capital invests in Dutch impact start-ups with a digital, international and commercial business model.


We provide sustainable digital solutions that empower science. By building high quality reusable digital components that can be used in various ways, we innovate science.


Masterpiece is a luxury designer rental service, a type of clothing library where you buy clothes rent instead of clothes.

Reseda Lifesciences

Reseda Life Sciences Private Limited, Bangalore, India & Reseda lifesciences B.V. are focused on developing & promoting sustainable green products using the rich knowledge from traditional sciences like Ayurveda giving modern scientific evidence with a purpose to “MAKE HUMAN LIVES SAFER”.


Invest and consult to make the world a better place. Focus on innovative geothermal in the Netherlands and solar in West and East Africa. Looking for customers and financing.