Kwebbel’s mission is short but sweet: To make seniors happier as they age! We want to contribute to greater connection, fulfilment, and discovery. Our first step is a dedicated elderly tablet.


Kwebbel’s mission is short but sweet: To make older people happier as they grow old! We want to contribute to more connection, fulfilment, and discovery. Our first step is to connect the elderly with their family and friends. To do this, we developed a safe and user-friendly tablet especially for the elderly. From there we want to grow further as a platform and community for the elderly.

Meet the Impact Community- Harry Roode

How would you introduce yourself when meeting a new person?

My name is Harry, I’m 30 years old, and I’m the co-founder of Kwebbel. I find it quite challenging to describe myself in few sentences. But one thing which has always driven me was using technologies to improve the lives of people. During Covid I’ve noticed an opportunity. Many people were feeling lonely, and it was the trigger for me to think about what can I do about it.

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

My grandmother was my biggest inspiration in starting Kwebbel. Stemming from the situation caused by the pandemic, I wanted to make the elderly happier and make them more connected with their families. I came up with various ways of helping, one of which is a safe and easy-to-use tablet. Everything is already set up for them in the menu settings. Moreover, we do not require an email address, making the user experience even more effortless.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

I would say starting my own company- Kwebbel. I was always looking for something which would create a great business module and, at the same time, would also help people. Therefore, using ImpactCity’s motto – doing good and doing business. The right combination makes it easier and I found it while creating Kwebbel.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable is the moment when you can learn. Always find ways to challenge yourself, so you continue to grow. Learn from your own mistakes and try to improve them. “Face the music”.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Sometimes I just wish I would start earlier with my own company. Not only because of the results but because of the process. As much as you grow as an entrepreneur, you also grow in your personal life. You have nothing to lose. Throw yourself into deep waters and learn or find out how to swim. No one really knows what they are doing – just do it, and go with the flow.

What are you recently up to?

We have many plans for the future to expand our proposition. Right now, our main goals are growth in customers. The biggest focus is on our marketing and social media. We’re also actively working on our e-shop.


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