SolarDew provides families and communities, whose only water source is brackish or saline, with a simple and reliable solution for producing their own drinking water.


Water scarcity is expected to affect half the world’s population by 2030. However, we are already increasingly seeing households and rural communities relying on bottled water or transported water. This is because the available freshwater sources have become saline or chemically contaminated.

SolarDew provides the simplest, most reliable and affordable solution for customers to sustainably produce their own clean drinking water. SolarDew’s technology can remove salt, arsenic, heavy metals in a single step to ensure people get sufficient drinking water on a daily basis and at a high quality. This not only saves lives but significantly saves time, reduces household expenditure and with minimal impact on the environment compared to the current situation too. SolarDew aims to provide 1 million people with clean drinking water by 2030.

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