BBBLS is a next generation greenhouse design that uses an innovative method of providing dynamic insulation with soap bubbles.


In the world of horticulture, there is a striking paradox: while Greenhouses provide so many advantages, their energy consumption and carbon footprint remains questionable. The ability to grow pure, good tasting food and crops in volume without a carbon footprint, continues to elude us.​

BBBLS was born in 2012, as a response to that very issue. Our goal: making it possible to grow even better tasting and healthier food, for a larger number of people with a significantly lower energy use and a dramatically lower carbon footprint. Simple enough, come to think of it.​

Our team has made quite the effort, turning this insane ambition into an extremely concrete reality. Step by step, we have sparked a real technological revolution in the long-standing greenhouse industry thanks to some radical innovations. After years of engineering and research, we now have proof that simple soap bubbles allow us to achieve our aspiration.

BBBLS’s DNA consists of real people that care about what we eat and the world we all live in. We care so deeply, that we have not given up on a challenge where many others have failed. After many years of trial and error, research and development, we have now come to a point where we are convinced that we can genuinely build net-zero greenhouses that also increase revenue at higher margins for the grower!

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