Transform4C is a unique expert bureau that works with professionals in partnership. This way of doing business is innovative and means that we work with the pioneers in our theme. With this form, the organization is flexible and we do ‘walk the talk’: what we advise our customers, we do ourselves!


Successful entrepreneurs are concerned with the world of tomorrow. The economy is changing rapidly and is becoming increasingly complex due to technology, fewer raw materials and changing needs of people. The human factor is crucial to accelerate towards a climate-resilient future. With a conceivable vision on positive, social impact and smart use of human capital. In this way they are and remain the forerunners in the market.

Transform4C supports directors and program managers in developing the capacity to transform. An innovative approach has been developed based on more than 10 years of experience.

We increase our impact thanks to strong partners: Nyenrode Business University, MVO Nederland, RVO Duurzaam Door, PhiAccelerator and SmartWorkPlace. We also work with 10 Places to be.


Unit: Flex