Labour cost saving pays off! Vengroot helps employers to optimize labour cost on a no cure no pay basis.


As a specialized consultancy firm, Vengroot focuses on reclaiming labour costs and completely unburdening companies in this regard. Our Data Analysis labour costs give employers the opportunity to realize labour costs savings up to five years in the past. With more than 10 years of experience in social security and labour cost savings, Vengroot’s central goal is to create awareness among employers.

Employers regularly pay too much payroll tax unconsciously. Our vision is to familiarize employers with the complex social security system. We want to be a valuable partner for as many employers as possible and create a future in which employers no longer pay too much payroll tax. We deliver custom work per sector, which means that our expertise is adjusted per customer so that we are constantly aware of where certain opportunities lie for the customer. This personal approach ensures that contact runs smoothly and we can achieve maximum results.

Unit: 4.15-4.17