We are Hieroo. We are the local consultant. Together with young, ambitious start-ups, we work on our mission: ‘working today to make tomorrow’s city better’.


We are Hieroo. We are the local consultant. Our Young Consultants do consulting assignments in the local region. This is how we work to rejuvenate, renew and strengthen organizations. We do this by recruiting and developing young consultants and then placing them in the local context of the city or region. Our Young Consultants live and work in their own city, do consultancy assignments at local organizations, and Hieroo supervises and trains them, with the help of some strong partners, such as Sioo. In this way, we retain talent for the city and region.

In addition to professional development, our Young Consultants are committed to developing the city. From our mission ´working today for a better city of tomorrow´ they work on social innovation in their own city. Every Hieroo office works on its own ‘Community Challenge’. Here our Young Consultants work with local partners on a social theme.

The Young Consultants also engage in mentoring a chronically ill young person with the aim of helping them towards an independent future. Finally, working with Hieroo gives direct access to our Talent Circle. This is the network of start-ups with self-awareness about their role in the city and who feel responsible to contribute to it.

Interested in hiring our enthusiastic Young Consultants? Or do you see yourself starting at the traineeship around your corner? Then contact us at mariesophie.prins@hieroo.nl / 06 13 02 21 63.

Unit: 3.14-3.16