We realize sustainable circular (plastics) concepts, products, and innovative chain collaborations.

WEP Circular

WEP – Waste Ecological Projects towards a circular society

WEP Circular is an international company with the aim of closing the plastic chain by developing solutions of plastic waste materials into products to avoid the pollution of our natural environment and create renewable circular value chains with partners.

By working in collaboration and in co-creation with partners in the whole value chain we create circular plastic chains with the goal firstly to avoid waste and then to develop re-use solutions.

WEP Circular has a partnership with the company Profloating in developing and producing the Dutch solar floating system Flotar® for the production of renewable energy by solar panels on water. See www.profloating.eu

WEP Circular also focuses on creating solutions for recyclable waste plastics by mechanical recycling (Plastics-into-Products) and chemical recycling for non-recyclable waste plastics (Plastics-into-Chemicals) in a circular way to avoid landfilling and incineration.

WEP Circular has experiences in developing sustainable supply chain collaboration networks and innovation projects. They also have experiences in sustainable waste management strategies and -operations, and developing innovative solutions with depolymerisation techniques.

Please contact: Coen Faber – coen@wepcircular.com or Harry Nieuwenhuys – harry@wepcircular.com Visit our website: www.wepcircular.com


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