HYGRO offers integrated, tailor-made and optimized solutions for the production, distribution and supply of sustainable hydrogen.


Our vision

In 2023, hydrogen will be the undisputed choice for vehicles and applications as a replacement for diesel. Around that time, hydrogen will also break through as a good alternative for natural gas applications.

Our mission

We are committed to developing and managing the carbon-free hydrogen chain. We do this through collaboration, integration and optimisation, creating value for all stakeholders in the chain. This chain allows end users to experience that hydrogen is a sustainable, safe, high-quality, affordable and convenient alternative.

Our activities

We know better than anyone how to best integrate electrolysis with wind energy and subsequently distribute the hydrogen to the customer in a cost-effective way.

HYGRO Energy  organizes the day-to-day management of the chain by continuously coordinating and optimizing production, distribution and purchase. This makes the costs in the chain manageable and makes green hydrogen an affordable energy source. HYGRO Energy can do this thanks to HYGRO Technology ‘s intelligent integrated turnkey solutions  .

The chain is set up in such a way that high-quality hydrogen is delivered to the right party at the right time, while the wind can be flexibly responded to for production. Our business units are complementary and enhance the value HYGRO creates for its customers.

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