Caballero Fabriek

HortiHeroes Arena | How to become a Magnet

On Thursday 7 June the next HortiHeroes Arena will be held, where main the question is: How do you become a magnet? Companies are doing frantic efforts to boost their sales, for no customers no business. However, the most succesful companies do not need to hit the road for sales, but attract customers like a magnat. How can you achieve this with your company? Be inspired by top speakers from within and outside the food & flower industry who have developed a successful strategy based on their charismatic appeal.

Koppert Cress & adidas

Become inspired by Gerben Tegenbosch, Senior-Manager Global Consumer Service of adidas. He knows like no other how to get a brand in sight of people. From his experience at adidas he will tell how you can create consumer experience and connect people to your brand. Rob Baan, CEO of Koppert Cress, has got the world hooked on healthy food and top chefs on his tasty micro-vegetables. During HortiHeroes Arena: How to become a Magnet, Rob will tell how he turned his company into a real culinary magnet. Two stories that you as a marketer, sales manager and director should not miss!

Hosted by ImpactCity: Caballero Fabriek | The Hague

We are proud that this Arena is hosted by ImpactCity in the Caballero Factory. A unique, enterprising location in the startup hub Binckhaven in The Hague. The Binckhaven is a creative industrial environment where startups and scale-ups can grow, with room for experiment and raw edges. The Caballero Factory is the icon of the area. But breeding ground De Besturing, brewery Kompaan, scale-up Secrid, the social company Greenfox and hip restaurant MaMa Kelly have also visibly enriched this dynamic area in a short time. Apollo 14, focusing on impact startups, is a great addition to the popular start-up hub Binckhaven.

Be inspired and until Thursday 7 June!