Customer Journey Mapping for NGO’s

This masterclass is part of a series of trainings where innovators design the NGO of the future. Furthermore, the series looks at how Service Design Thinking can contribute to achieving more Social Impact from an NGO perspective.

Design Thinking is a mindset for innovation, a human centered approach using ‘research by design’. Design thinking is about doing, co-creation with end-users and other stakeholders, in a multidisciplinary way. A way of working and thinking, solving problems and developing new products or services, practically and creatively.

Guest speaker: Serena Borghero of the company Steelcase. She will talk about how Steelcase uses Design Thinking and how the company enters into partnerships.


NGOs are evolving, because of a changing environment different types of innovation and renewal are necessary. Partnerships, developing new business models and focusing on the customer experience are ‘hot’. But who are the partners? Are they are also customers? In what directions could you develop new business models? What is the customer experience? What are partners waiting for? And what do NGOs have to offer? Thinking in product-service-customer relationships provides insights into whom you’re actually working for, what you can offer your customers (e.g. donors, funders, partners), conditions of customers and the value of what you are offering.


This masterclass focuses on how to map ‘customer experience’ and how interaction take place between people with whom and for whom you work (together).


Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Time: all day (10h00-17h00) – Registration: 09h30.
Location: New World Campus, Spaarneplein 2, 2515 VK, The Hague.
Language: The training will be in English.
Price: € 397,- euros (including lunch, drinks, snacks, excl. VAT.)
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