Sustainable Development Goals, the Netherlands and you. An Exciting combination!

Wondering where we stand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in the Netherlands? And what your own knowledge of the SDG’s is?

Come to the meeting at the New World Campus, organized on the 15th November by the New World Campus. In collaboration with the knowledge program DuurzaamDoor, Huis der Nederlanden en Global Goals Accelerator.
You will dive into the current status of the SDG’s in the Netherlands and look at how the goals and civil initiatives and organizations can be connected.

During this meeting, dialogue and knowledge are central. Knowledge about SDG’s and everything related to it, in order to get a good image where action is needed to actually improve the current situation. In addition to inspiring speakers and dialogue sessions, you can show your knowledge of the SDG’s in a pub quiz.

Go here for more information about this event (in Dutch) and to apply.