Apollo 14

Startup Tuesday The Hague | Worth Internet Systems

Startup Tuesday is a weekly event to inspire and connect.

This series of events is a collaboration among innovative hubs that aim to strengthen connections and support impact-driven entrepreneurship in The Hague. It’s the ideal occasion to network, learn from experienced founders, and explore solutions to shared challenges.

Startup Tuesday is the perfect occasion to become part of the startup community and learn from experienced founders for anyone working at or with startups.

On January 14th, Startup Tuesday is hosted by Apollo14. 

Ernout van der Waard, founder of Worth Internet Systems will be the speaker during this edition of The Startup Tuesday. Worth Internet Systems started from a small startup to a successful scale up delivering large-scale digital transformation projects. Today WORTH has evolved into a full-service digital consultancy.

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Startup Tuesday The Hague is an initiative of World Startup Factory, The Hague Tech, Apollo 14, YES!Delft and Humanity Hub all proudly part of ImpactCity.