Maker Café #9

The Maker Café is the monthly show and tell by and for makers. Do you create things? Or would you like to? Do you like to exchange knowledge, get to know awesome projects & show what you are working? Then visit the Maker Café’s on each first Thursday of the month.

It’s an open agenda, when you want to present something there are 10 minute slots to present and discuss. Interested to show or tell your project/ideas? Go to the Meetup group.

Agenda (in progress):

  • Stefan de Konink – OpenOV
  • Dimer Schaefer (Tweetonig) – How to develop a ’thing’ for IoT
  • Michiel Erasmus: demo PCB design (+ mini workshop for those interested)
  • Diderik van Wingerden (Totem) – Innovative stuff you may have missed
  • … YOU! … Leave a comment in the Meetup group