TAP Session

ICP organizes the brand new “TAP session”, formerly known as the International Expert Sessions:

Date & time:         Tuesday 8 March from 4 – 6 PM
Location:               The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Sophialaan 10, The Hague

ICP’s theme for 2016: Uncover & nurture opportunities for growth.

ICP research shows that the offer (WHAT) of life-career factors is OK but that the real challenge is limited access to them (HOW). Poor connections in the glocal (labour) market leave an enormous potential for growth untapped: in your super services as well as that of the employers (S-M-L) and individual talents. What a shame!

During this first “TAP” we will tap into your expertise and learn more about your growing pains as regards the international customer group. This input will be used to calculate the added value of our joint efforts in connecting, leading to growth.

This idea is at the core of the ICP Knowledge Partnership that’s been offered to you as well. TAP gives you the opportunity to network with the ICP members and other international experts.

This event is organised exclusively for ICP members and ICP Knowledge Partners. http://www.icplatform.nl/