Peace palace


DIALOGUE FOR PEACE – According to the famous slogan of Albert Einstein, ‘Peace cannot be kept by force, but only be achieved by understanding’. But how can we create this understanding in times of (violent) conflict and growing polarisation? And how far should we go in having empathy for people who do harm?

At this HagueTalks music, talks and art inspire us to give room to opposing and conflicting ideas and will teach us how to agree to disagree, in order to become to a more just and peaceful world. Learn from mediator Fleur Ravensbergen how to become a good listener, also to people who you see as your opposite. Design Students from the Design Academy will give you new tools to make connections.

Before, during and after the event there will be interactive elements of surprise that will shake you up, and broaden your glance. Are you ready to get out of your own comfort zone?

About the speakers
Fleur Ravensbergen (1983) is deputy director and co-founder of the Dialogue Advisory Group, a Dutch organization that mediates in armed conflict. In her work, she conducts talks with members of armed groups aimed at stopping violence. She negotiated with rebel groups in remote areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Iraq, where she worked on the status of controlled oiled area.

What does the victim feel when she stands together in a room with justice and the perpetrator? In Dorota Gazy’s graduation project Court Dance, dancers embody the roles of victim, perpetrator, and justice, to give insight into the dynamics that occur in court. The dance will be performed live on stage.

When we hear numbers of people killed, we cannot really understand it, let alone emphasize with the people behind these numbers. Therefore Daan Wubben has created a new, humanistic language that makes us understand and connect to numbers. Through an interactive installation he will present this new language to you.

Specially for this day The Hague Peace Orchestra will come together to create a new peace anthem.

About the program
This HagueTalks is the opening event of the Just Peace Festival. With the Just Peace Festival, the city of The Hague celebrates the UN-declared International Day of Peace. This event is the result of a cooperation between all the partners of the Just Peace Festival. The Municipality of The Hague and the Vfonds, the national fund for Peace, Freedom and Veterans care, make the event financially possible.