How entrepreneurial are you?

On 7 April 2016 the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses (M&PC) holds an Expert Meeting on ‘Entrepreneurship’ with keynote speaker Mathijs Bouman.

How entrepreneurial are you?
Whether you are working for a boss or managing your own company, entrepreneurship is a quality that is asked of every modern professional. What does it take to implement entrepreneurship in your daily job? What are the best practices of entrepreneurship that you could benefit from in 2016? These are questions that will be addressed during the Expert Meeting.

Round tables
The evening starts with multidisciplinary group discussions. How do you see entrepreneurship in your field? What are the best ways to apply entrepreneurship in your working life? The round table discussions are a chance to network with professionals from other fields of expertise and will give you a new outlook on entrepreneurship! Would you like to get in touch with other professionals before the Expert Meeting? Join our LinkedIn group.

Keynote speaker
Mathijs Bouman is a stock exchange commentator at RTL-Z, and a columnist at the Dutch financial newspaper ‘Het Financieel Dagblad’. He regularly joins Dutch TV-shows such as ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ en ‘Eén Vandaag’ to share his views on financial topics. Mathijs is able to explain the world of economics, financial markets and entrepreneurship in an inspiring way. By using best practices, he will give you an insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

For more information about the program and to apply for this expert meeting, visit the website.