Day of the Hybrid Student Entrepreneur 2016

On the 26th of October, The lectoraat Financial Inclusion and New Entrepreneurship at The Hague University of Applied Sciences organize the fourth edition of the Day of the Hybrid Student Entrepreneur.

Hybrid entrepreneurship (combining work or study with your business) offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and society. More people can actively participate by combining this. Combining work and business offers new opportunities. Young people see the opportunities and take their chances. People with a greater distance from the labor market can also benefit from making this combination.

A part of this day is the Hybrid Student Entrepreneur Election. Before October 1st, students of The Hague University of Applied Sciences could apply. The best participants will present themselves to visitors on the market. A jury chooses the three winners. The audience decides on that day, also through a facebook campaign in advance, who will be the audience winner.

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