Impact Driven Ventures

Starting with a good social purpose and staying impact-driven is the only sustainable way for startups – It will not only create lasting impact on the society, but will also keep the whole team inspired and energized along the way. We invite our partners and all impact enthusiasts to join our Sharing x Networking session in The Hague on 13 December. The positive fluids of Christmas are included!

The speaker is Stef van Dongen, an innovator and impact-driven entrepreneur. Stef’s lifework is focused on innovation projects and kick-starting ventures that provide solutions to the world’s big social and ecological challenges. Stef is a board member and advisor of several companies, governments, organisations and innovation networks, notably Enviu and Outside Inc. His passions include: the economy of the crowd, open-innovation, crowd sourcing, venture philanthropy, impact investing and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

Stef has been awarded as distinguished alumni by the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), part of the TROUW Sustainable 100 and received a lifetime achievement award as radical innovator by a leading Dutch magazine “Vrij Nederland“.

In the knowledge session, Stef will share with our startups and community stories surrounding his biggest passion – of course – impact investing and impact-driven solutions to the society’s big problems. If you are looking forward to be a change maker and a problem-solver, join us and get knowledge and inspiration from Stef’s story. The talk will be followed by a networking session.

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