Apollo 14

Book Presentation

“Quo Vadis Smart City”
The future of a livable city

Book presentation on December 12, 2019 starts at 3.45pm

Nowadays, the need for more innovative sustainable regional and urban development is now widely accepted. New developments and trends follow each other in rapid succession – a continuous stream of new principles, technical products and applications. However, there is not yet a consistent understanding of the synergy that can be gained from the combination of possibilities and the power of an overarching, integrated vision and the associated performance criteria and indicators. Often well-intended measures and steps remain ad hoc and isolated, so that the total yield can be suboptimal and sometimes even negative.

Healthy social and economic development depends, for example, on a good, effective and safe urban structure. What are the developments in the field of urban planning and engineering, sustainable energy, social and economic processes, safety and health, transport?

Interested to attend the book presentation, please register via info@strateq.nl.