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Astropreneurship or what is it to be Space Entrepreneur

With the emergence of the private space sector things are starting to get very interesting. SpaceX opened the door for this as the first private company to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. Nowadays private companies build rockets, satellites, plan to mine in space or to send tourists to space. There are even startup accelerators for space startups.

Does this sound too far fetched? Come and hear the stories of two successful Astropreneurs. How did they start? What are the main challenges in the space industry and how to survive in it?

Kartik Kumar, founder of satsearch.co, the first global marketplace for the space industry, indexing all of the space products and services offered by organizations all around the world. He is also pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Roel Eerkens, founder of T-Minus Engineering which focuses on the development of rocket related products for the European market. They design, build and operate rocket systems and other space/aerial vehicles for research purposes.