Big Data for Peace and Justice

Join this year’s Big Data for Peace and Humanity summer school and learn from practitioners and academic experts on how the data revolution increasingly impacts the peace and justice sector.

“The data revolution for sustainable development is an essential catalyst for mobilizing innovation and ensuring mutual accountability”

-Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

In the Peace and Justice sector, the Data Revolution has already sparked a range of experiments that make use of new data streams, such as social media, open web data, mobile phone data or satellite imagery. Many of these examples are still in the exploratory phase, but lessons are quickly being learned. At the Peace Informatics Lab we learn about best practices and organise an annual summer school to bring together a selected group of innovators in the sector.

Who Should attend?

Professionals from the NGO sector, international organisations, government officials, PhD and Master students in the social sciences with affinity for digital innovation. Anyone working in peace, justice and humanitarian affairs who wants to get a better understanding of how the data revolution will affect their future work. No prior IT knowledge required.


This 5-day course gives you an in-depth overview of how Big Data is increasingly being used in the peace and justice sector. The curriculum covers 1) state of the art insights on data-driven innovation 2) examples & methodologies on how organisations can implement innovation trajectories, and 3) best practices in finding the right balance between doing good and potential harms.

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