The Hague Tech

The Circus Act #10

The 10th Circus Act will take place this month at The Hague Tech.


1.) David Zetland 

David will talk about the challenges of improving water quality for citizens, by discussing the foundation, struggle and demise of the City Water Project.

2.) Koen West, Owner of 21Brands.com

“Back in early 2013, I quit my boring call centre job to finally start my own business. Why not run my own little business from home? I could wake up whenever I like, decide my own income and be in control. Isn’t that the dream?

After years of struggling, I still wasn’t much better off financially, nor had I found the freedom and happiness I thought came with the lifestyle.

Through years of personal development and grinding in my business, I’ve identified the key mindsets that contribute to success and failure.

Now my goal is to help people understand these principles and help others achieve success for themselves.”


As usual, there is NO CHARGE to attend.

We will even have free drinks (one per attendee 🙂 at the bar after the talks. You should plan to stay, as that’s where we have lots of interesting conversations 🙂