The Eco Expedition uses technology to make passers-by more aware of the surrounding nature in the city!

The Eco Expedition

Digitalization seems to be reducing the interaction between humans and nature. We believe that technology can be used to actually increase/stimulate the interaction between humans and nature. To achieve this interaction, we encourage the use of a digital navigation app. Via special printed paving stones marked with a QR-code, we want to enable people to contact an app that will point out all kinds of natural phenomena in the vicinity. Doubtless, this will stimulate the users of the app to get more in touch with nature and trigger them to contribute more towards biodiversity.

When city-people connect more with nature in their immediate vicinity, their feeling of well-being will improve and consequently, their support for nature-conservation will increase.
We aim to:
– Create more awareness of biodiversity in the city
– Broadening the knowledge of biodiversity
– Prompting action to promote biodiversity

Unit: Flex office