HYGRO offers integrated, customised and optimised solutions for the production, distribution and delivery of sustainable hydrogen.


Our Vision

By 2023, hydrogen will be the undisputed choice for vehicles and applications, as a substitute for diesel. In the same period, hydrogen will break through as a good alternative for natural gas applications.

Our mission

We are committed to the development and management of the carbon-free hydrogen chain. We do this through cooperation, integration and optimisation, while at the same time creating value for all stakeholders in the chain. This chain allows end users to experience that hydrogen is a sustainable, safe, high quality, affordable and practical alternative.

Our activities

As experts, we know what is the best method to integrate electrolysis with wind energy and then distribute hydrogen to the client in a cost-effective way. HYGRO Energy organises the daily management of the chain by continuously coordinating and optimising production, distribution and consumption. In this way, the costs within the chain become manageable and green hydrogen becomes an affordable energy source. HYGRO Energy is able to do this thanks to intelligent integrated turnkey solutions developed by HYGRO Technology. The chain is organised in such a way, that high quality hydrogen is supplied to the correct party at the exact right moment, while at the same time we have the flexibility to respond to the wind conditions for the benefit of production. Our business units are complementary and reinforce the value that HYGRO creates for its customers.

We offer hydrogen converted directly from wind

High quality hydrogen is created in a very efficient and cost-effective way by allowing electrolysis to take place within the wind turbine. This is possible due to the integration of proven best in class technology. This integration allows maximum conversion of wind energy into useful energy in the form of hydrogen. This concept is used for the first time in the Wind-tot-Wiel project. This smart integration also contributes to a significant decrease in the investment costs and operational costs of hydrogen production.

There are 3 reasons why hydrogen will play a major role in our future energy system as energy carrier:

  • When using hydrogen as an energy carrier, you are able to generate more energy from wind than when producing electricity.
  • Hydrogen can be stored in large volumes in order to compensate for seasonal effects on the generation and consumption of renewable energy. This is necessary, as both the demand and supply of energy fluctuate in our new energy system.
  • Transport of hydrogen is 10 to 20 times less expensive than that of electricity. Moreover, the gas grid provides an inherent buffer system, by means of which the irregularity of wind energy can be largely compensated.