At households post their small tasks in the form of an advertisement, which are fixed by handy youngsters/students for compensation.


Everyone has something that breaks or needs to be fixed. Small tasks for which a professional asks at least the grand prize because she or he prefers the larger projects. This means that the smaller jobs are often not carried out. Furthermore, as a student, we noticed that many young people are always looking for flexible work. The best scenario would be that if you spontaneously have a few hours off, you could fill this in with paid work.

Huurbuur is the platform where households can place their small tasks, such as cleaning, painting a wall, assembling a cupboard or connecting a Wi-Fi network, in the form of an advertisement. Which then handy youngsters can bid on and respond to fix them for a fee. It is not only convenient but also fun! Especially because we speak so few people nowadays. For more information, go to

Unit: 4.09